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Sydney to Brisbane... or the other way?

By RJMang - Posted on 19 February 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm coming to Australia (first time) in late September and am bringing my touring bike. I'm interested in riding from Sydney to Brisbane. I have a few questions:

1. What about the prevailing winds at that time, would North to South be best or should I start in Brisbane and cycle back?

2. I'm not interested in sharing the road the whole journey with lots of traffic, and was considering an inland route. Hills are OK, as long as my average daily climbing is no more than 20-25 meters/km (~100'/mile). Normally, I like to do about 100km's per day. Are the inland roads of good cycling quality (surface, shoulders or bike lanes, amount of traffic, reasonably respectful drivers)?

3. I would like to do a ride that's a week or so, are there other routes either from Sydney or returning back to Sydney that would be better?

Thanks for any help and suggestions.

Robert Mang

Wow, sounds like a great trip.

Do you need to stay on blacktop (sealed) surface or is a little dirt/gravel good? This is well beyond my scope of knowledge but it will be very relevant when those who know come along to help.

Compared to other countries there are very few roads in Aus away from population centres and the routes between them which might limit the choices.

I imagine September is a good time to avoid the heat but on the flip side, it could get chilly at night if you are planning on camping.

Good luck!

I spoke to a guy who passed this GPS route on...

That's 220km South from Brissy, so will get you 20% of the way or so.

He said, "You can't avoid roads entirely. There is a thing called Vello1 or V1 which includes some nice secluded sections but I kind of found it by accident and never twice."

... so that bodes well Eye-wink

He added, "... once south of the tweed you get side of the motor way which is marked bike path all the way to Ballina it's over 50km of desert not much of any water stops but good road"

Hope that helps!

Hey Robert
There's something called the National Bicennential Trail. It runs the whole length of the eastern states and is only passable by bikes and horses, no other vehicles allowed. I can't vouch for the terrain conditions, having never ridden it, but it could be worth investigating as a potential route if you want to avoid traffic.

Read more:
Or reach out to the facebook page to get in touch with those who have ridden it recently

Otherwise Strava routes is your friend - here's a low elevation route I created from the Sydney Opera House to Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Hope this helps

The Bicentennial trail goes through some of the most beautiful and rugged countryside the East coast has to offer. You might blow your daily climb allowance.

Enjoy your trip.

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