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North Sydney commute

By skipper_nz - Posted on 22 February 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey guys
Trying to come up with a safe/simple way for my girlfriend to ride her road from Forest Lodge to Linfeild.
Pretty happy for the most part, but looking for ideas on how to tackle North Sydney to connect up with the start of the Epping Road cycle way. Come off the bridge and head up miller street? Or head more East down to ben Boyd? How do you do it?

Lots of cyclists on Miller street, alternately head up Walker, lots of us ride there as well.

Never had any real issues with cars on either street; supposed to be a 40 zone, although you'd never know it.

Ben Boyd is a bit out of the way for that route?

If you want to get to Epping Road cycleway (pick it up at Naremburn), when you come off the bridge, go down Lavender St and cut through Waverton/Woolstoncraft. Like this:

Personally, I prefer to take Union St instead of heading North at the junction with Blues Pt Road and do a loop round Balls Head and Shirley Rd for a bit of training while on the way. Like this:

Have a look at this site -

They've got several route maps for the Upper North Shore to the City and back - your g/f's commute might even coincide with their daily runs. Safety in numbers and all that.

Good info, I will look into these

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