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50 km gentle Spring Cycle - unless you choose to go OTB at almost 40 kph

By Harry - Posted on 19 October 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Yeah - poor Pratiwi was shoved off her bike by some kiddie too and has nasty grazes on both knees. It's a dangerous game this scumming! Sad

I did the ride today..haven't done it for about 3 years and was quickly reminded why.
Its downright dangerous!! The amount of both kids and adults either wobbling about the place and with NO common sense at all made for a very unpleasant ride...never again! Some people should not be allowed on a bike.

Next year I will be leaving at 7am. Sophie, Neil and I almost had a pile-up after a child decided on the Harbour Bridge to change lanes, I was suprised how quick my bike pulled up, we missed each other by millimeters.

how many people just hit the breaks without looking who's coming from behind. You wouldn't do it in your car, why on your bike?

I had a great ride, though and managed to stay on my bike.

I actually thought it was just like in a car.
People with no idea or control
Slamming on the anchors for no good reason
Almost coming to a dead stop in corners
Pulling out in front of you without looking
Riding slow in the right lane so overtaking impossible
Running into barriers on tight corners
Blind panic at any downward gradient forcing a speed of over 10kph
And just like in the car I luckily managed to plow through the whole lot of them with a stinking hangover head to boot
Bit of scumming fun for something different

I saved myself the pain.. and skipped the ride...

last year I did it when I was super green in the two wheel pedal game. It was fun, but even back then, the 50 FLAT road km's was extremely easy.

I glad I skipped it and I don't think I'll bother again...

Sounds like a bit of a mission with the other n00bish riders out there Smiling

Glad you all got some sun though Smiling

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