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Great company, Great day and Great 96km Epic Ride

By jdb - Posted on 19 October 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Re: This ride meeting: 
Sydney Spring Cycle - North Sydney

Firstly I would like to thank Sophie and Neil for making the ride so much fun, was a pleasure to meet you both, look forward to seeing you on more rides.

We all almost had a pile-up when a child on the Harbour Bridge decided to change lanes, just as Neil was right beside him. Caused us all to grab handfuls of brake, we ended up missing each other by millimetres. I almost fell off the bike when during the zigzag section a few km from Homebush a rider decided to stop where everyone was forming two lines.

Yesterday my longest ride was 56km set on Saturday at the NobMob Scummer ride, that was smashed today. I ended up covering 96km, I was tempted to do a lap around Freshwater to get the extra 4km for 100km but my legs didn't agree.

The ride featured some great climbs and descents, I really enjoyed the ride over the Harbour Bridge, the lap around the city and the time trial we did around the 12km Homebush loop. As we were going over the old bridge that is usually locked up we were talking about how it should be kept open for access to walkers and cyclists, the view from the bridge was great it seems a shame that it isn't always open.

The ride home featured a lot of hills, I decided to ride from Homebush to North Ryde along Lane Cove Rd, then took Epping Rd to Delphi Rd. I really enjoyed the run along Delphi Rd down to the bridge, the climb out to Chatswood really took its toll. On the ride along the Pacific Highway to Boundary Rd I had to deal with a car load of idiots, I kept catching up to them at each set of lights, so I ended up stopping on a side street to be rid of them. The ride through Forestville was very much a constant grind, at the 80km mark as I was about to turn onto Allambie Rd, I got hit with cramps in both legs. After stretching these out I really enjoyed the descent, leaving one final climb up Oliver St before the welcome site of home.

I learnt a few things today mainly that water and power bars are not enough for a ride this length, I had to stop at a couple of Service Stations on the way home to get some Gatorade, also stopped at Cyclery Northside to get some Gels and fill up my water bottles. The other thing I learnt is to make sure to check the clip-in bolts, when I got of the bike at Homebush I discovered that the clip-in on my right shoe was loose, and one of the bolts had fallen out with the other two just holding on.

I look forward to doing this ride again next year, the one change will be to leave at 7am, to hopefully avoid some of the people that only take their bikes out once a year.

Thanks for reading this my first attempt at a blog entry please be gentle and keep the rubber side down.


Sorry ment Nick not Neil... I swear I've not had any alcohol since getting home, forgot to put the beer in the fridge last night.

will be a doddle now after that ride home, we're pretty happy we left a bit earlier yesterday.

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