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They call him Bruce.

By pikey - Posted on 04 November 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

looks like Bruce should be on the set of Underbelly Smiling

I can't work out if Bruce looks like;

(a) One of the Village People or
(b) A porn star from the 1980's or
(c) A combination of the two - a gay male porn star from the 1980's (not that i have ever seen one).

Maybe we should have a poll on this?

I've come to clean the pool is a clear winner - put the poll up

Harry you may be on a winner. I think I saw that movie on Beta.

I'm going to go big here! Eye-wink This picture was bugging me but I finally figured out what it reminded me of!

The likeness to one of my favourite heavy metal lead guitarists and is uncanny!

James Hetfield of Metallica!

Sure the moe needs to grow to fullness and the hair is too short...but its all there, it just needs growth! Smiling

Metallica Metallica Metallica Metallica Metallica Metallica Metallica

Put a bike helmet and you got a cupcake!

Bruce does look like James Hetfield. A lot. Even without the moe and with no guitar and angry expression....

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