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Road Bike

By Benny-B - Posted on 06 November 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I have always thought that road bikers where miss informed about bike riding thinking that what they were doing was a better idea than getting some suspension and hitting the trails.

After borrowing a mates road bike for the Sydney to Gong and doing some trainning on it leading up to the Gong ride, i was amazed with the strenght i gained on the bike is a short amount of time. I also really enjoyed the speed and riding in a pack.

Anyhow - in an effort to make my MTB riding more fun, by been ultra fit and strong on the bike i now want to buy a road bike and want to find out if any of you guys may be in a similar situation where you have a roadie just for trainning and can suggest what sort of bike i would need and how much I would need to pay approximatly.

BTW an Enduro SL comp is my mountain bike and i can not recomend them highly enough.


My first piece of advice is this. Look into a Masi Spiciale 105. It's chromoly, 10 speed with a double crank, has the truly wonderful STI system and looks a bit retro. So google it and have read.
They retail at $2000 and there is none about for another couple of weeks. As usual, get the smallest frame size you can get away with and adjust with seatpost and stem length. Then fit your favourite seat and pedals to ensure your comfort during all those gazillions of km you'll do.
That's the bike I'd buy...

check out the new oppy range by malvern star mate. Ive just bought the top of the range 'le mauco' and am absolutely over the moon with it. You cant by a better equipped road bike for the money. Mine has full dura ace and mavic ksyrium wheels etc. Retail is 4000 but i got mine on special for 3500. If you wanted to spend less there's the ultegra model for an absolute bargain. Id link a photo to mine on this site but im doing this from my phone so cant. ( any help rob? ) im finding it quite amusing how many people are turning to the dark side! Good innit? Eye-wink

[Ed. think he means this...]

sorry, i had to do it


Check out the "Lyon" for the Ultegra gruppo setup or the "Bol D'Or" for the 105 gruppo...

Congrats Benny-B on making the link i.e. roadie training improving MTB fitness! If only the "MTB-only" crowd would make the connection...

If the bike is going to be purely a training bike, just make sure the setup is correct and you are comfortable. You are going to spend more time actually riding than you normally would on a MTB, so a good setup is vital (not to say that it isn't as vital for an MTB bike). Stem length, handlebar width & position should come into play... don't worry about carbon components unless you are wanting bling factor or to lighten your bike... but then again, it is a training bike.

I personally wouldn't go less than a 105 gruppo in Shimano for reliability and compatibility, but there are cheaper (and heavier groupsets) around.

There are also some great 2nd hand bikes around (and at fantastic prices) but be aware of buying 2nd hand carbon, especially frames, as it's hard to pick up fractures etc. with an untrained eye. Even then, some fractures may not break the gel coat and you could be flying down a hill and...

My first roadie was an eBay purchase, complete bike consisting of: ally frame, Dura Ace 9-speed groupset all for $1500 (delivered).

Look forward to catching up with ya for a ride... you won't regret the step forward!

I thought you were kidding when you suggested a Malvern Star, but this bike looks the shit. The last Malvern Star i saw was back in the 80's I think. Wheels look good too!
Yes it seems the dark side may not be so dark and boring after all.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I will be sure to post my final purchase.


Planet x are having a clearance of unbuilt bikes and they look like good value. Not sure what the conversion and freight will do to the price but worth considering. I know that the Bike Lab (I think thats correct) in Bondi Junction on Oxford st carry a few Planet X bikes if you wanted to check them out. Check out the on-one site as well. If I ever buy a ss this is probably where I'll go.

Cell Bikes is selling a carbon fibre framed full dura-ace (XTR for roadies) with Mavic Ksyrium elite wheels for $2999
If i didn't already have road bike, i would seriously consider this one!
check it out at

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