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10 spd chains?

By Rob - Posted on 27 January 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Dear all... I don't have a spare chain for the crosser but figure I should get one. I spot this on T7 today:

Is 35 bucks a decent price for an Ultegra chain? They have Dura-ace for 5 bucks more:

I know SFA about scumming gear - I take it all the 10 speed gear is compatible same as all 9 speed is on an MTB? The Campy joining link thingo that came with the chain on the Bianchi will work, right?


but I always thought shimano & campi were not compatible in any way.
I could be wrong on the chains though...

But yes all 10sp is compatible in the same sense as 9sp.

I would go for the Dura Ace...

Just to clarify, you want to put this on a Campy gruppo and use a Campy joining pin? Shocked

Yeah - the shifters/derailleurs/cassette(?) are Campy. Crankset is Truvativ.

I'd find it really odd if chain selection mattered. But these scum things are odd.

BTW - I'd buy another Campy chain if they weren't so damn expensive!

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