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Commuter bike?

By lorrie - Posted on 29 January 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.


Im getting a new commuter bike to get to work on. I'm thinking of a the trek soho s or the giant bowery. It has to be a single speed as I don't want the extra maintenance cost of the gears and under $1,000 as I will be leaving it locked outside

Anybody got any other options???



You'll always find them for sale on fleabay. I see two now:

OK, so slightly <TIC> Eye-wink

I don't see myself riding down George street in a fixie!

Duuuude... you can put a freehub on it, just so long as it stays SS you'll be good!

I saw a funky Specialized Langster Las Vegas at Chatswood. Had a cool paint job and gold anodised bling Smiling

But it would be better if they got rid of the coloured bits, left just the black and gold and called it a Gangster.

... that doesn't look bad at all... for... a... Specialized Eye-wink

I have a classic Stuart frame (custom Aussie made by Stuart Limbrick), it's Columbus SLX tubing, chrome stays, 59cm and horizontal dropouts.
It is about to be resprayed, I have mavic MA40 wheels on classic Campagnolo record hubs with new tyres.
There are also Campagnolo record brakes, post and crank.
I am about to set it up as a single speed with Profile TT bars and brake levers, and a new headset.
It can run geared also.

Anyway, with all my 'shopping' recently I'll be putting it on the market somewhere round $650 as a going rig.
If you are interested, let me know, because I can spray it pretty much any colour (It's a classic yellow at the moment).


By any chance Steve?

I was just in CBD and they have a selection of SS commuters and courier specials (think 30cm bars).

Surly, Cannondale and some pommie brand I don't recall the name of. Cheapest was this latter brand for $1150 and had a flip-flop hub, brakes and upside down, cut-off drops.

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