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4 Gorges - Monday Public Holiday

By leximack - Posted on 04 June 2009

Monday, 8 June, 2009 - 07:45

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
Meeting Point: 

Cnr Galston Rd and Arcadia Rd, Galston


Hi All,

I am doing a ride with another forum group, see here for more details and loop
Here is my garmin stats from the last time i did this ride (was very social)

I am riding from my place and meeting the others at the cnr of galston rd and arcadia rd Galston at around 7.45am.
Most other riders are starting from the hornsby side.

I dont know most of the riders so cant comment to much on speed but i would guess an average of about 25km/h as it will most probably be fairly social.
Some rider may opt to skip some parts of the ride also to make it shorter.


Who's in?
Whisperer, leximack
Whisperer leximack
What Happened?

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Whisperer 3 Gorges and Brooklyn on the Single Speed What a glorious day for a ride, 10 degrees at 6.30am, clear skys, and warming to a comfortable 15-18 degrees over the morning. The 'scummer' is in the process of a respray and rebuild - nearly finished, but not quite, so I took the single speed out...

Were you there and have a story to tell?

Ride Gallery

I may see you there. Not riding for so long has turned me into a 'fair-weather' rider... Sad

no worries Shaun, i know what you mean about the weather.
Havent touched the mtb since dirtworks, still got the dirt and race number on the bike Smiling
I have been riding my commuter bike in the wet, but just doing short distances, havent done a road ride over about 70km for a couple of months.
So i cam looking forward to this one


I need a decent ride, but still got the scummer in bits, so.... 100 on the single speed will be a good challenge.
(I've been averaging 27-28km/h for my 50km 'hilly' commutes recently so shouldn't hold the group up).
Will aim to leave chatswood at around 6.30 to get there for the start. (approx 30km)
Anyone else heading up the highway?

Forecast for Monday (as of 5pm Sunday night)
Fine. Some morning cloud then afternoon sunny periods. Moderate to fresh westerly winds.
Precis: Fine.

City: Min: 11 Max: 19 Parramatta: Min: 8 Max: 19
Terrey Hills: Min: 9 Max: 17 Penrith: Min: 9 Max: 19
Liverpool: Min: 8 Max: 19 Richmond: Min: 8 Max: 18

no worries whisperer
See you at Galston at 7.45
I will be on the Blue/white Giant TCR with American Classic Wheels, cant miss it


thansk for joining the ride today Steve,
Was a glorious day to be riding.
Pace was fast at times and i thought Todd (bianchi guy) was going to kill us after Pie in the Sky.
It was all fun though.
I limped home with my sidewall gash, tube popped out a bit further but still rideable. Annoyed i missed bobbin head and galston gorge but i dont think it would have been safe to descend at 60+ with half my tube popping out of the tyre.
My garmin stats are at
105km with 1400m climbing is not bad. I woudl of got about 126km if i did the whole ride.
Thanks again and hope you sort out your garmin.


p.s. your a loony doing that ride on a single speed Smiling Seeing you spinning at 150rpm at 50km/h was very funny indeed Smiling and thanks for the patch also, got me home ok

Hey Leximack,
Thanks for organising the ride - good to meet a new bunch of riders, and crazy meeting Nate, who I often commute home with up the pacific hwy.
Yeh, it was pretty nuts on the SS, I was in the anaerobic zone more often than I wanted, and did about 4 million turns of the cranks! But it was worth it for the comments and looks on peoples faces when they didn't kind of expect me to be at the pointy end of the bunch Smiling

you did awesomely.
You are getting lots of praise over on the site.
They couldnt believe you could ride so fast on a flat bar single speed bike.
I think they realise how soft they really are.
I will post up more rides when the group meets up again


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