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Can anybody lend a Spare Roadie Wheelset?

By dangersean - Posted on 25 June 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all,

Due to an unfortunate accident, the wheelset off my roadie have been damaged beyond use.

With Mogo on the horizon I am all worried about the amount of km's i'm not doing.

So, If anybody has a set of wheels lying about with a shimano/SRAM body (no need for a cassette) and wouldn't mind lending them to me for a week please get in touch?

How about I make it worth your while and offer a carton of beer for your assistance?



Sean I might be able to help you out, I know we have a spare rear sitting at home and we have another bike sitting in the corner that doesnt get much use at all..... Let me know if you want them. Shimano R500 wheels BTW.

You are a legend mate!

can you PM me when is best to get them off you?
actually just email me yeah?

thankyou so much!


Hi - I have a front that is just sitting in the corner. It is an ultegra hub with an Open 4 rim.

Its doing nothing, so if you want to take gavs rear and my front, you are welcome (sounds like the sort of invitation that should be kept till after dark!)

Now that will get ppl talking!

Is it not bad enough I have to come on here and admit to scumming but to be subjected to peoples twisted fantasies also....
The things I have to do for these kind offers, i tell ya! Eye-wink

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