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new roadie.

By GAZZA - Posted on 19 July 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

my new baby. sorry all you scummaphobes!


Cor that must be light mista - see through chain!

Have you worn out the Malvern Star already?

Hey Gaz nice ride mate, it just needs one small change, I am pretty sure from the size of the headtube you could fit a headshock in there.

even with the chain. John, it's all the bits from the oppy so the frame, fork and seat post are up for sale. I've sold some other bits to help cover the extra cost so all in all it didn't cost me much. It rides beautifully!

Welcome to the clan!

this be in the scum section?
can't believe you have sold out on SO MANY levels george

What did you do...where is the glorious Malvern Star?? Sad
What ever makes you

maybe you need a nice road bike??????

looks like the perfect bike for the dam when the trail maintenence is all finished

all the SuperSixes in the tour de france ,all the cannondale riders seem to be racing for Lanterne Rouge something they do well
Hope your up for a roadie on the weekend

Hi Gazza, great looking bike. I'm going to get into road riding also when i get back to Aus as I've noticed the really fast MTB'ers are training on the road.And i like going fast! In the mean time I'm heading to Paris on friday to see the finale of the Tour de France!
Enjoy the new bike and do you have a suggestion for a road bike for a learner?

Who's currently leading the KOM race?

Darren - firstly, you lucky bugger!
RE road riding - you won't believe the improvement road training brings to you MTB racing. Whatever brand you end up getting, just make sure it fits you!

you used to be cool
youve changed man

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