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Any alternative to the popular GP4000s?

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I've been using the popular Continental GP4000s for a few years now and have been more than happy with the grip available although they do seem to cut fairly easily and the wear isn't that great (no surprise given the soft compound).
I'll have to replace the current pair very soon for the reasons above and wondered if anyone had any other options for 'fast training' use whether it still be within the Continental brand or from another supplier.
Price wise, the same (~$48 each) or less would be preferable.

Coloured Tyres?

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So... I'm doing a build and coloured tyres have been requested. Does anyone have any views on either Maxxis Detonator or Conti Ultra Sport:

Neither have the high TPI that what seems to be a feature of the tyre of choice (the Ultra Gatorskin) but both claim to have some puncture resistance.

Split Tyre

Split in a Continental City Contact tyre (or tire if you like).

It was time for a change anyhow as you can see, the tread is looking quite sorry. This was used as a rear and think it has around 6400km on it which isn't a bad effort.

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